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What is a Web Address? Find out how to get a Web Address or Domain for your web site.
It's all well and good having your amazing web site designed and built to perfection, uploaded to the web on the greatest hosting package you could find, but what now? How do people view it? Read on my furry little friend, and we'll explain all!

Before You Start:

Have you uploaded your website  to your webspace, and have been wondering what visitors are going to type into the web address bar in their web browser to see your site? Well worry not. Here we'll tell you everything you need to know about domain names, web addresses and any other bits and bobs you may need to know!

Domain Names:
Unless you want visitors to your web site to have to type into their browser address bar (give it a go if you like) to see it, you're going to need a domain name. Domain names are what gives your web site a nice, friendly address on the internet (such as, or rather than the standard IP addresses  (complicated, unique numbers that computers on the internet use to talk to each other).

You can register domain names at a fairly low cost these days, and buy all sorts of different types of domains that relate to different countries. The most popular domains for worldwide web sites usually end in .com, while in the UK you might find a lot of websites end in It doesn't really matter which type of domain name you choose, but if your web site is aimed at viewers from the UK, then we recommend one of these 2 types.

Domain names are usually registered from periods ranging from 1 year to 5 years, and once this period is close to ending, you'll get first refusal on 'renewing' your domain name for another period of 1-5 years. While you'll never be able to guarantee that you own a domain name forever, as long as you renew your domain name every time it is close to 'expiring' you shouldn't have any problems. This is the same case no matter how large or popular your website or company is (even sites like  and  have to abide by these rules too!).

You can register all kinds of domain types from , and prices start from as little as £0.99 per year! Why not head over, try a couple of ideas and see what suggestions our domain factory provides? You never know, you might be able to find an rare dictionary word domain that hasn't yet been registered!

Free Web Addresses:
What is a web address? If you're not too keen on buying your own domain name, then if you're lucky, your chosen web host may provide you with free web addresses to choose from. And while some providers will offer free address for use, many of these will limit you (e.g. you'll only be able to get

Freeola has a range of over 500 free web addresses for customer use, with some really great addresses available to choose from, such as, or, but there are so many more to suit your personality or business courtesy of Freeola500.

Check out the Freeola500 homepage  for the most popular 60 web addresses, or take a look at a complete run-down of all free web address choices. There really are some good ones in there!

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Glossary of Terms
Domain Names
A user-friendly name used to represent your website on the internet (e.g., as an alternative to a not so friendly IP address (see on IP Addresses below).

Domain Name Registrar
A service that allows anybody to buy domain names, for example offers domain registration.

Web Addresses
A web address is a domain name with extra information prepended or appended. For example, or for use as a website.

IP Addresses
An IP address is a unique series of numbers, used to determine different computers on a network. Learn more about IP Addresses.

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