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So your site's all built... what next?
With your website designed, coded and up & running, you might be wondering 'what next?'. Some people might be happy enough with their site, and just leave it as it is for eternity (or until they cancel their hosting), but there's loads of great things you can do with your site.

Great Web Site Extras:

If you're still wondering what you can do with your website to improve it even more, just take a look at the following suggestions. Check back here every now and then, because we are adding new website extras articles to the site all the time.

Get a Blog on Your Web Site:

It's easy to get your own blog online with any of Freeola's hosting products.

Handy Webmaster Tools:

Tools to make your life as a webmaster that little bit easier:

Get a Chat Forum for Your Site:

Let visitors and customers get in touch via a chat forum:

Web Site Extras:

Handy snippets of code to add extra functionality to your site:
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