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A Website Guide. Learn how to build a website and get it online!
Welcome to Freeola's Free Web Site Guide!
When it comes to websites and hosting products, we know what we're talking about. The following pages will explain everything you've ever needed to know about getting your own website online, and how to become a successful webmaster on the world wide web.

Get Your Own Website - Before You Start:

Our comprehensive website guide will tell you everything you've ever needed to know about how to build a website and get it online. With information regarding design ideas, web hosting do's and don'ts and tips to get traffic, by the end of this guide you'll see just how easy it is to become a webmaster of your very own professional website.

What you need before you begin...

A computer with access to the internet

A theme for your website (business or hobby)

A copy or a print-out of this guide

Your website can have absolutely any theme, ranging from a business website selling bath tubs, to hobby websites explaining your love of mice! As long as you have a knowledgable passion for the theme of your website, you've already overcome one of the largest hurdles.

It doesn't matter whether the computer you're using is a PC, an Apple Mac or a laptop. If you're able to view this guide online, then you should have no problems whatsoever in getting a web site online. Where we refer to any downloadable software in this guide, there will usually be different downloads available for different computers and operating systems, but please bear in mind that Freeola has no responsibility for the content of external websites.

Go and grab a cup of tea, and when you're ready to read more, our web design guide   is only a click away!

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Glossary of Terms
Computer (PC/MAC)
What you are probably using to read this guide! A computer can be in the form of PC, laptop, Apple MAC or notebook.

Website Theme
The theme that your website will be based around, for example a hobby such as football or cars, or perhaps a business theme.

Useful Website Links
PG Tips
Great, cheap tea! Wonderful to drink while reading this wonderful guide.

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