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Windows Live Mail Setup for Freeola E-mail Addresses
Windows Live Mail Setup for Freeola E-mail

Welcome to the Freeola Internet customer support pages. This guide is designed to help with setting up your Freeola e-mail address on Windows Live Mail when using the free email or Email Freedom services. For more internet help topics please visit our main Support Page.


Please Note

If you are using the EmailPro service, please see the EmailPro variation of this guide as the settings and options are slightly different.


If you do not already have Windows Live Mail installed, you should be able to download it from the Windows Live Site. Alternatively, if you would prefer to use another e-mail client, you may be able to find a relevent guide on the Freeola E-mail Support Guides page.


Before you start, you should make a note of the E-mail Address that you would like to setup as well as the associated password. This information can be obtained by logging in to your MyFreeola account and selecting View/Edit E-mail Addresses from the left hand navigation. You will then be shown a list of e-mail addresses and their login details.


  1. Load Windows Live Mail from the Windows Start Menu.

  2. If this is the first time that you have launched Windows Live Mail you should automatically be shown a form similar to the one pictured below. If this shows, please proceed to step 4.

    Windows Live Mail Add Email Account

  3. If this form does not show you will need to select Accounts tab from the toolbar at the top of the screen and click the Email icon.

    Windows Live Mail Accounts Tab

  4. You will then need to enter your E-mail Address, Password and Display Name into the boxes provided and tick the "Manually configure server settings for e-mail account" option. Your E-mail Address and Password should have already been obtained from within your MyFreeola Account and your Display Name will be the name that you would like your e-mails to say they're from when they are received. Once this form is complete press Next to continue.

    Window Live Mail Enter Email Address and Password

  5. In the next window you will be asked to enter Freeola's e-mail settings. Freeola's incoming mail server is a POP3 server and the server address is with a port of 110. The incoming mail server uses "Clear text authentication" and does not use SSL. Your login ID will be your email address. Your password will already be stored from when it was entered previously and should not need to be entered again.

    The outgoing mail server settings will vary depending on whether you are connecting using a Freeola Internet connection or if you are using the Freeola Email Freedom service which allows you to send messages from any Internet connection. If you have Freeola broadband in your MyFreeola account, you are able to use Freeola E-mail Freedom at no extra cost.

    If you are connecting to the Internet using a Freeola Internet connection, the outgoing mail server should be set to using port 25, this server does not use SSL and does not require authentication.

    Window Live Mail Enter Server Settings

    Alternatively, if you have signed up for Freeola E-mail Freedom or have Freeola broadband in your MyFreeola account, you will be able to use as your outgoing mail server. If you are using this server, you should ensure that "My outgoing server requires authentication" is ticked. Some ISPs may also prevent you from sending mail over port 25, in order to avoid this you may also wish to change your outgoing mail port to 2025.

  6. If you then press Next, then Finish to close the wizard, your settings should be saved and your e-mail client should now be configured and ready for use.

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There have been 5 comments submitted by users.
herekittykitty commented on 4th February, 2012
No. My windows live mail will not send mail using these settings.
Butch [staff] commented on 4th February, 2012
Hi Dennis,

This guide is aimed at those customers who use Freeola broadband or dial-up services to connect to the internet. If your internet connection is currently served by another provider, you will be required to sign up for our EmailPro service in order to send e-mails via a Freeola server.

Details on this service can be found by visiting
zombi commented on 31st March, 2014
incoming mail server... wants SR number, (as did the other emails addresses i have) cant find it anywhere on my freeola account.
Butch [staff] commented on 1st April, 2014
Hi Zombi,

While the 'sr number' system will still work for most e-mail accounts, it is no longer required. Any Freeola e-mail address, regardless whether it is using our standard, Email Freedom, or EmailPro service, will use the e-mail address as it's username. If you enter the e-mail address you are looking to set up instead of the sr number, your account will work as normal.

If you are still having issues setting this account up, then I would advise our Support Team at or by calling 0871 210 9977 and we should be able to assist you further.
alex gold commented on 30th October, 2014
So helpful. Very clear instructions. Thanks for sharing this!!

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