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Completely unlimited
online backup service

Back up work and play including
music, photographs, videos & more;
then access your files from anywhere!

  • It's quick and easy to install
    and an unlimited number of computers
    can use the same backup account.
  • Download your files anywhere!
    Access your files from any computer,
    and any internet connection worldwide.
  • Automatically backs up your files
    Your files update in the background while you work, with multiple saved versions.
  • Built-in media player
    Listen to your music collection & stream your videos from any internet connection.

What would happen if you lost all of your files tomorrow?

Losing computer files can be annoying and costly if those files are work or important documents, but it can also be upsetting if your files are irreplaceable photographs or videos. Computer corruption, accidental deletion, hard-drive theft and sheer bad luck can happen without warning to anybody, at any time. What system have you got in place to protect your important files and memories?

Freeola unlimited online backup or 'cloud storage' is powered by award-winning Livedrive technology, and allows you to protect all of your files against loss. Our easy-to-use online backup software stores your files on secure servers independent of your computer so that even if you lose your computer equipment completely, the files can be easily recovered from any internet connection.

Our data storage solution is affordable, easy to set-up and so easy to keep up-to-date that you can completely forget about it!

You probably don't realise how much of your important information is stored on your computer

Photos, music, documents and records - so many things you value are digital. Protect all of these for just £2 per month - that's less
than 7p per day!

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Data can be lost in many ways, and completely without warning, even by the most careful computer user

  • Computer Failure
  • Computer Viruses
  • Equipment Theft
  • Computer Damage
  • File Corruption
  • Accidental Deletion

Great Features!

  • Just £2 per month for unlimited online storage!
  • The media player allows you to stream your music and video from any browser.
  • Mobile Viewer allows you to view your files from your smartphone.
  • Compatible with all major computers, smartphones and devices.
  • Up to 30 previous versions of each file you backup will be stored securely online.

Backing up your files has never been so easy!

Organising data storage and data backup on CDs or external hard drives can be time consuming and you can only manage to do it every so often. Even then, there's still a chance that your storage devices might be lost, destroyed or stolen.

Freeola's Unlimited Online Backup software is an effortless backup solution. Once you've run through the easy set-up wizard you can forget about it and your files will be backed up onto your unlimited online storage account as you save them, keeping them constantly up-to-date. It's really easy to add files and folders to be backed up too, all you have to do is right-click on the file or folder and choose the online backup option. You don't need to move files around to suit the backup software, they'll be saved automatically from their original location.

You can save all file types and backup everything from work to play including any documents, photos, music and videos. It takes just minutes to install, and you don't need to prompt it to work! If any of your files are lost or damaged, you simply log in to your secure web portal to download it; anywhere, anytime.

If you accidentally delete a backed-up file, you needn't worry - deleted files are stored for a minimum of 30 days, online-backup online storage saves up to 30 previous versions of each file, making it easy to revert to an earlier version, even if it's been overwritten.

Edit your files anywhere with a 512GB Cloud Drive

Access and download your files from ANY internet connection & listen to all your music on the move with a dedicated iPhone/Android app!

Freeola's online file storage allows you to view and download your files from any computer or your smartphone through the mobile version of the site. You can even listen to your music collection through the built-in media player which lets you stream your music and video straight to your web browser.

There's a dedicated mobile website so that you can access all of your backed-up files through your smartphone. There's even a dedicated iPhone and iPad app (and an Android app on the way) which allows you to access all of your files, so you never need to be limited by the size of your device again! The app means that you can stream videos and music over either 3G or Wi-Fi AND upload photos and videos on the move. You can even export files directly from your online-backup account to other apps to view and edit them.

Freeola's backup service is so much more than just data backup. The web-based Portal allows you to view and download your files from any internet connection. You can add as many computers or devices as you want to your backup service - each device will appear separately in the backup tab of your online account.

Freeola Backup protects your data using military-grade encryption...

Freeola Online Backup is powered by Livedrive which uses secure data centres with military-grade technology to keep your files encrypted & safe. SSL transfers between your PC and the backup servers ensure that there's no risk of your data being intercepted while it is uploaded or downloaded.

All of the data stored on Livedrive servers is backed up across multiple locations, so it is fully protected against hardware failure or other damage.

Protect all of your data for just £2 per month with Freeola Online Backup - that's less than 7p per day.

Alternatively, Freeola's unlimited Online Backup service is included with any Freeola Broadband package.

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As always Freeola's standard of service and support is outstanding

We are very pleased to be Freeola customers and to recommend your services to others. We use Freeola for our business web sites and personal mail, and have found the reliability and ease of use to be unequalled. We have also bought hardware online from Freeola, and received the items in less than 24 hours, and obtained all our domain names through Freeola too.

Chuffed to bits...

Have only recently signed up with Freeola after 15 yrs with my previous ISP. I have to say, "I'm chuffed to bits". The sign up was easy, the actual transfer went very smoothly and I had rebuilt my website within a couple of days. I love it.

Jed from Chorley

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