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Freeola, the best dial-up ISP, offers two choices of dial-up internet connection. Firstly, 0845 dial-up, where you pay local rate call charges for the time you're online. Secondly, if you prefer to pay monthly, you'll love our Anytime dialup connection. Our dial-up internet products are compatible with dial up modems (up to 56k) and ISDN (up to 128k) and our free unlimited extras are included with both.

calls from
per min
dial-up internet
Free internet access
Just lo-call rate call charges
Pay-As-You-Go internet
Free unlimited web site
Free domain hosting
Free unlimited e-mail
Free e-mail forwarding
No contract tie-in
Free online support
per month
dial-up internet
No call charges
160 hours of internet
Free unlimited website
Free domain hosting
Free unlimited e-mail
Free email forwarding
Free email autoresponders
No contract tie-in
Free online support
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Choosing the right dial-up option

Freeola Anytime dial up internet connection gives you 160 hours of fast and reliable cheap dialup internet access every month for only 14.29. This means that you don't have to pay any call charges, all you pay is the monthly fee straight to Freeola. All of Freeola's Free Services are included with our Freeola Anytime cheap dial-up internet access.

An 0845 Local Rate Dial-Up internet connection gives you a fast and reliable, free internet access (dial-up) with absolutely no monthly fees. All you pay are your local rate call charges for the time that you spend online, which appear on your normal telephone bill. The calls are charged at local 0845 rates, so you can be online from only 1p per minute (for BT customers, other networks may vary so please check with your telephone provider). There's no contract tie-in with our 0845 dial up internet access and, as always, all of Freeola's Free Services are included. Standard Freeola terms and conditions apply.

If you haven't already got a Freeola Dial-up account, you can create a free dial-up account here. Alternatively, if you wish to use Freeola Dial-up without signing-up for an account, please click here.

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OK - I have been searching for a while for a cheap, good all round ISP which includes: domain names, unlimited web space, NO BANNERS, CGI access etc - and I have found it! My search is over and I am HAPPY! Freeola.com has GetDotted which is a great (very good value) domain name seller. You can host it for free on their server and you get unlimited space without banners or ads of any sort.

Many thanks!

You were 100% right - great support!

freeola & get dotted are passionate about help & support
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